Our Medical Release of Information Software Provides the Solutions You Need

ChartRequest provides medical release of information software for a range of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Executives

If record requests are increasing administrative costs, ChartRequest can improve your operational efficiency.

Healthcare IT & Data Security Teams

ChartRequest protects health information while working with the systems you have in place—timely integrations are not required.

Clinical Team Members

While focusing on patient experience and quality of care, we contribute to a better experience and outcome—from the patient-only mobile app to automated request routing.

Legal & Compliance Departments

Monitor medical record exchange—and keep the process compliant—with our release of information platform, which includes real-time alerts.


Robust productivity and reporting tools make it easy to manage and monitor the production process and scale a team’s productivity while setting realistic goals.

Explore ChartRequest’s Capabilities

Transferring medical records is hardly simple. Between HIPAA rules and outdated fax machines, exchanging health information is complicated for providers, insurance companies, and law firms alike. ChartRequest’s medical release of information software is here to change that reality. Data security, operational efficiency, patient satisfaction—in a single platform, we’ve addressed the challenges of sending and receiving medical records head-on.

Compliantly Release Medical Information

Protect patient data while streamlining time-consuming processes—all while avoiding HIPAA violations.
Transform health information exchange.

Improve Patient Care Coordination

Break down data silos so you increase collaboration between care teams. Our medical release of information software improves both communication and efficiency.
Better coordinate patient care.

Manage Referrals for Patient Transitions

Don’t let referrals create obstacles for your patients. Our release of information software makes it easy to streamline records requests.
Discover how organizations can proactively request records.

Conveniently Retrieve Medical Records

From processing subpoenas to supporting DICOM images, our platform is flexible and accommodates all requests and record transmission modalities.
Explore ChartRequest’s capabilities.

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