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Allow your healthcare practice to provide a personalized experience by reducing costs and minimizing risks with ChartRequest’s release of information solution.

ChartRequest's Release of Information Solutions Revolutionizes the Workflow Process

Reduce Communication Costs

Releasing medical records to patients, healthcare entities, and other organizations can bombard your office with unnecessary communication. In fact, we estimate that each records request results in 5.6 phone calls.

With ChartRequest release of information solutions, you’ll dramatically increase your efficiency. Our online platform enables individuals and businesses to request medical records from your practice—then track the progress of their requests.

Strengthen HIPAA Compliance

A small HIPAA misstep can have big implications for your practice. Just ask Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital where an accidental fax¹ resulted in a $2.5 million lawsuit.² Don’t let faxes, emails, and snail mail place your release of information workflow process at risk.

Avoid HIPAA violations with ChartRequest. From our AES multilayered encryption to our HIPAA-compliant workflows, you’ll help your organization safeguard protected health information (PHI).

Place the Focus on Your Patients

Strengthen your focus on patients while improving operational efficiency. ChartRequest empowers patients to request, track, and download their records online. And that means your employees can spend less time faxing records or chasing down points of contact—and have more time for accomplishing your patient experience objectives.

Implement ChartRequest without Straining IT Resources

There’s no need to choose between streamlining your release of information workflow process or prioritizing your IT resources. ChartRequest demands minimal IT support. While our platform is EMR-agnostic, integrations simply aren’t needed. In fact, the only requirement to get started is access to your EMR systems.

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