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Increased efficiency. Improved care coordination. A better patient experience. It’s all possible with ChartRequest. Our platform enables streamlined electronic health information exchange—so your staff can easily request or retrieve medical records. We also provide an app that empowers your patients to view the status of their records in real time. And that means better care, fewer administrative costs, and more time you can allocate toward the patient experience.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

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What is the HITECH Act?

Change can be stressful and, in the case of setting off certified EHR systems, expensive. Many HIPAA covered entities were hesitant to adopt an electronic PHI solution. To change this, the HITECH Act included large financial incentives to covered entities who adopted and meaningfully used such technology. As electronic health record (EHR) technology continues to

What is the Breach Notification Rule?

HHS developed the Breach Notification Rule as an addition to HIPAA to ensure covered entities and business associates take responsibility for and inform patients of breaches to their protected health information. In this article, we’ll go over what your team needs to know to help you ensure compliance. To learn more about the Privacy Rule,

What is the Security Rule

Guarding patient protected health information is a mandatory aspect of healthcare today. HIPAA originally set forth to regulate how and when medical information can be disclosed, but there were gaps. To fill these gaps, HHS developed a series of additional rules. The Security Rule is one of them. If you’d like to learn more about

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