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Increased efficiency. Improved care coordination. A better patient experience. It’s all possible with ChartRequest. Our platform enables streamlined electronic health information exchange—so your staff can easily request or retrieve medical records. We also provide an app that empowers your patients to view the status of their records in real time. And that means better care, fewer administrative costs, and more time you can allocate toward the patient experience.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Leverage a modern, agile software platform to coordinate care and release records to third parties – learn about the difference with ChartRequest

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The Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Accounting of Disclosures

HIPAA protects patient privacy, enhances security, and provides rights that help patients understand and control their PHI use and disclosure. Signed patient authorization forms are required for most disclosures, but there are exceptions. To ensure compliance, it’s important to log these exceptions in an accounting of disclosures form, but not all exceptions are applicable. In

Proposed SAMHSA Updates Align 42 CFR Part 2 with HIPAA Rules

On November 28, 2022, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in collaboration with HHS through OCR. This proposal is designed to update the confidentiality of patient records regarding substance use disorders (SUD). The SAMHSA “42 CFR Part 2” addresses the opioid crisis by helping people feel

How Mid Atlantic Retina Releases Medical Records in 2 Days

“ChartRequest is absolutely worth the time, it saves a lot of time, and it makes life a lot easier.” – Shannon Raetsch, Compliance Liaison for Mid Atlantic Retina Mid Atlantic Retina at Wills Eye Hospital is a leader in eyecare with 22 specialists in 17 locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Founded in 1974,

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