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Increased efficiency. Improved care coordination. A better patient experience. It’s all possible with ChartRequest. Our platform enables streamlined electronic health information exchange—so your staff can easily request or retrieve medical records. We also provide an app that empowers your patients to view the status of their records in real time. And that means better care, fewer administrative costs, and more time you can allocate toward the patient experience.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Leverage a modern, agile software platform to coordinate care and release records to third parties – learn about the difference with ChartRequest

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How do Subpoenas for Medical Records Work?

When medical records contain the key to winning a case, they can become key evidence in court. To get them, legal professionals can send a subpoena to a healthcare facility requesting a copy of the records. If you are a patient in this situation, you may be wondering what exactly this entails. While your medical

Etiquette for Requesting Electronic Health Records

In the modern age, everything moves at lightning speed. Ever since telegraph hand operators started transmitting messages at a then-blistering 25-40 words per minute, our technology has improved by leaps and bounds. In 1924, a fax machine could transmit a single sheet of paper in about 6 minutes, and today a standard email can send

Are Fax Machines Necessary for Medical Records?

For most people, there is nothing a fax machine can do that a computer with an internet connection can’t do faster. Despite the improvements to the fax machine’s speed and capabilities over decades of development, most are likely collecting dust.  In its day though, the facsimile machine was groundbreaking technology. Samuel Morse sent the first

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