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Increased efficiency. Improved care coordination. A better patient experience. It’s all possible with ChartRequest. Our platform enables streamlined electronic health information exchange—so your staff can easily request or retrieve medical records. We also provide an app that empowers your patients to view the status of their records in real time. And that means better care, fewer administrative costs, and more time you can allocate toward the patient experience.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Leverage a modern, agile software platform to coordinate care and release records to third parties – learn about the difference with ChartRequest

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Cures Act Fact Sheet 2: EHI and Information Blocking Exceptions

This is the second installment of our Cures Act Fact Sheet series, covering electronic health information and information blocking exceptions. If you missed it, click here to find the first issue of our 21st Century Cures Act Fact Sheet Series. What are the Information Blocking Exceptions?

21st Century Cures Act Fact Sheet

The 21st Century Cures Act is shaking up the healthcare industry, and the expansive nature of the legislation complicates compliance. At ChartRequest, we understand that hectic healthcare environments can make reading 320 dense pages of legislation difficult.  That’s why we’ve read it for you. To help you feel confident moving forward as the Cures Act

Karakurt Gang Hackers Attack Understaffed Medical Practices

Sometimes multiple negative factors combine to create major issues. We’ve talked about the medical staffing shortage before, and we’ve covered the constant risk of hackers in healthcare. These two issues have fused, as a Russian hacker group called the Karakurt Gang targets healthcare organizations during this time of weakened security. As the rate of cyberattacks

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