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ChartRequest is the industry standard for secure information exchange. Our complete enterprise solution empowers providers to reduce release of information overhead costs, expedite accurate reimbursement, eliminate costly status update communication, increase operational efficiencies, and more.

Self-Service Our Software, Your team
Full-Service Our Software, Our team
Integrated Outbound Faxing

Improve productivity and security with paperless faxing.

Record Type Availability Configurations

Configure the type of medical, billing, or image records or request a custom document type.

Walk-In Request Management

Easy record request workflow for walk-in patient record requests.

Configurable Pricing

Configure your own pricing strategy.

Secure Messaging

Stay connected with internal and external messaging.

User Management

Easily add users and manage permissions.

Archive Era Notifications

Alerts requestors archives are being searched and if there’s an associated fee.

Paper Era Notifications

Alerts custodian that paper records must be searched for selected service dates.

Patient Max Charges

Automate the max amount a patient can be charged.

Request Completion Timers

Time each request for visibility and reporting.

Automated Smart Alerts

Track specific requestors or patients and receive automated alerts.

Enterprise Routing

Route certain record request types to specified location.

Double QA Review

Two-step review process to ensure accuracy and privacy.

Real-Time Audit Logging

A detailed log of everything that happens with each request.

Request Completion Timers

Time each request for visibility and reporting.

Clinical/Admin Review

Review and verify record details for accuracy.

Multi-Location SSO

Access and process requests faster by using one set of credentials to view multiple locations within your organization.

EMR Integrations

Integrate ChartRequest with your current EMR platform.

Website Integration

Integrate the ChartRequest platform with your organization’s website.

Secure Messaging

Stay connected with internal and external messaging.

User Management

Easily add users and manage permissions.

Dedicated Production Team
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
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What Our Customers Say

ChartRequest: Modern and Efficient Health Information Exchange Software
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ChartRequest helps both requestors and providers streamline the process of managing medical record requests by providing a secure, efficient platform to release protected health information as quickly as possible.

Law professionals who choose our active retrieval service can avoid the hassle of calling, emailing, and faxing providers to follow up on requests by outsourcing their ROI needs to ChartRequest.

Providers who choose our self-service option can use our platform to streamline the ROI process and ensure no request is lost or forgotten.

Providers who choose our full-service option completely outsource the ROI process to the ChartRequest team, saving their staff even more time and energy throughout the release of information (ROI) process. Visit our outsourcing ROI plans webpage for a comparison between the features of these two options.

Additionally, our referral management system can reduce referral leakage, promote care coordination between providers, and improve the patient experience. Our platform eases communication between providers and simplifies the process of sharing information.

Yes – very much so. We utilize best-in-class security infrastructure with all communications and transfers occurring over a 128 to 256-bit SSL encryption secure connection. Our infrastructure features redundant firewall protection, redundant web application protection, DoS and DDoS mitigation, monitored intrusion detection, VPN/SSL and multi-factor authentication for server management for our infrastructure. Our hosting environment also provides protection against MITM attacks, IP spoofing, Port Scanning, and Packet Sniffing.

Yes! When you sign up as a patient, ChartRequest makes it easy to request your (or a dependent’s) medical records from your provider. With our step-by-step workflow, patients can request their medical records and receive them quickly. ChartRequest also offers a $4.99/month subscription plan for patients who would like to store their records with ChartRequest. With this plan, patients can easily share their medical records with any provider or organization. For more information, sign up as a patient today.

Currently, we do not offer a free trial, but we also do not require long-term contracts. However, we do provide a free demo so you can get a firsthand experience of our platform. It’s a great way to see ChartRequest’s automated workflows, HIPAA audit trail, and other capabilities as you’re making a decision.

No, we do not require a long-term contract. But if we are partnering to staff an engagement, we have a 90-day notice period.

There are no upfront integration, training, or setup fees.