Modernizing the Release of Information and Care Coordination Workflow for Patient Records

Experience ChartRequest’s Efficiency and Compliance.

ChartRequest Supports the Exchange of Patient Records for a Vast Array of Healthcare Organizations

Solo Practitioners

Ensure limited administrative resources aren’t consumed by requests for medical records.


Support a staff that’s stretched thin while empowering your patients with self-service.

Group Practices

Streamline medical records requests, gain visibility into operational efficiency, and avoid HIPAA penalties.

Urgent Care Centers

Centralize the process across your network of urgent care and occupational medicine facilities.

Hospitals and IDNs

From subpoenas to care transitions, ChartRequest efficiently and compliantly handles record requests for large patient populations.

Imaging Centers

Stop burning and mailing CDs. Compliantly release patient information and share DICOM images with ChartRequest.

HIE Organizations

Improve the efficiency of your record request workflows with our EMR-agnostic platform.

Integrated Oncology Networks (IONs)

Leverage ChartRequest for continuity of care with our care coordination and referral management capabilities.

Streamline Your Record Exchange Workflow

Exchanging patient records is a time-consuming process involving multiple staff members, emails, phone calls, and faxes. Further, every touchpoint in that process is another opportunity for protected health information (PHI) to be improperly disclosed. ChartRequest empowers healthcare providers to streamline their records exchange workflows with a secure and compliant software solution.

Upgrade Your Health Information Exchange Workflow

ChartRequest is a simple, high-impact decision for healthcare organizations, with benefits including:

  • Increased operational efficiency and lower administrative overhead.
  • Reduced requester phone calls and duplicate requests.
  • Automated invoicing and collections with algorithm-based pricing.
  • Consolidated patient data silos and improved continuity of care.
  • Shortened processing times for patient records requests.
  • Streamlined release of information workflows.
  • Enhanced measurement and workflows related to referral management and care coordination.

Ready to Implement ChartRequest in Your Organization?