Expedite Medical Records Retrieval with ChartRequest

From life insurance companies to law firms, timely medical records retrieval is important for many organizations. Let ChartRequest’s streamlined workflows accelerate your request fulfillment.

Experience Efficient and Compliant Medical Records Retrieval

Shorten Record Retrieval Turnarounds

A large gap between requesting a record—and actually receiving your records—can hinder your organization from accomplishing important goals. Leverage ChartRequest to shorten your turnaround times.

With our platform’s digital processing, you can reduce time-wasters such as calling healthcare providers or waiting for mailed records. If the records custodian is in the ChartRequest network, simply make your request through our platform to receive your records digitally. Or provide us the healthcare provider’s details, and we will handle the rest!

Gain Visibility into the Status of Each Request

Following up with healthcare providers can increase your staff’s administrative responsibilities. The good news is, ChartRequest provides instant visibility into the status of your medical records retrieval request—from pending request to fulfilled records.

Simply enter in your identification number, and view where the records are located in the release process—no phone calls, emails, or in-person visits needed.

Receive Accurate Pricing and Quality-Assured Records

Receive accurate pricing for your request. ChartRequest’s pricing algorithms follow state, federal, or another appropriate standard for medical records fees.

In addition, we also provide quality assurance for the documents you’ve requested. ChartRequest’s workflows include a two-step quality assurance process—reducing the likelihood of time-consuming errors.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Access protected health information (PHI) in a manner that avoids HIPAA violations. From 256-bit SSL encryption to minimum necessary compliance, ChartRequest empowers your organization to safeguard protected health information (PHI) during the medical records retrieval process.

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