Increase Healthcare Information Exchange Efficiency with ChartRequest

Whether you’re a multilocation healthcare provider or a nationwide network, timely exchange of patient records is vital. Put ChartRequest to work for your organization to accomplish just that.

Discover How ChartRequest Improves Healthcare Information Exchange

Bring Efficiency to Exchanging Medical Records

Exchanging medical records is an important part of your daily operations.

The problem is, according to our estimated average, one record request creates approximately 5.6 phone calls—alone. That doesn’t include emails, faxes, and other forms for communication involved.

Reduce your administrative overhead with ChartRequest. Our platform streamlines digital workflows and provides real-time status updates for requesters. In addition, we also offer an enterprise reporting application layer, allowing your organization to track turnaround times and cost savings.

Avoid Costly & Damaging HIPAA Violations

If your healthcare information exchange process depends on manual processes, you’re at risk for numerous HIPAA violations. And—as a sizable healthcare organization—a single mistake can have a far-reaching impact.

Don’t let a HIPAA violation place your company name in the headlines.

ChartRequest leverages HIPAA-compliant workflows, encrypting all PHI and providing highly configurable access controls. ChartRequest even generates a complete HIPAA audit trail for all requests—down to the IP address and time stamp of each action.

Support Value-Based Care Initiatives

Timely exchange of healthcare information is critical for value-based care initiatives. Leverage ChartRequest to improve care coordination as you shorten turnaround times and centralize records requests.

You can also use ChartRequest to close your referral loop. Simply add your referral network to the ChartRequest platform, and empower all parties to proactively request medical records before appointments.

Implement ChartRequest without Straining IT Resources

Think implementing ChartRequest across your organization will be time-consuming for your IT department? Think again.

ChartRequest is an EMR-agnostic platform, and the only demand on your IT team is providing access to your systems. At the same time, our platform is interoperable with several EMR platforms—with a number of integrations.

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