June 2022 Product Release Notes

Our goal at ChartRequest is to make the exchange of PHI quick and easy. We aim to break down data silos in healthcare by developing the fastest, most secure software solution possible. We hope you’re excited about what we have in store. 

Check out our latest updates to the ChartRequest platform.

Existing Feature Enhancements

  • Updated and expanded the platform fee field in the general settings page for custodian users.
  • Improved the Customer Success Associate (CSA) home page to help Self-Service partners easily claim and distribute incoming EHR requests.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors in the “User Results” of the “Records Labor” section of the “Enterprise Admin Dashboard Report.”
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented custodian organization administrators from editing their site location.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from removing an incorrect authorization and, by extension, uploading the corrected authorization required for records release.
  • Fixed the Tooltip icon in the “Add Request Details” page for CaseBinder users creating a request.
  • Fixed an issue with Athena integration that occasionally pulled records of the incorrect date(s) of service.
  • Fixed an Athena integration issue that caused incorrect retrieval timestamps.
  • Fixed an Athena integration issue that displayed the incorrect page total for retrieved records.

Thank you for keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest news. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at support@chartrequest.com