Case Study

How Mid Atlantic Retina Releases Medical Records in 2 Days

“ChartRequest is absolutely worth the time, it saves a lot of time, and it makes life a lot easier.” – Shannon Raetsch, Compliance Liaison for Mid Atlantic Retina Mid Atlantic Retina at Wills Eye Hospital is a leader in eyecare with 22 specialists in 17 locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Founded in 1974,

Acuity Eye Group Sees Value in ChartRequest’s ROI Solution

With an extensive list of over 50 locations across southern and central California, Acuity Eye Group, a physician-owned and vertically integrated ophthalmology provider, has established itself as the largest ophthalmology group in the Western USA.  Starting in November 2005 as a single retina practice in Pasadena, they now employ over 100 ophthalmologists and optometrists with