ChartRequest maximizes collections and reduces costs

New revenues

  • Auto-generate maximum allowable reimbursements - Monetize billable requests and audits, and enable free or maximum-charge releases for patients and other requestors based on office preferences, record volume, and state of residence.
  • Provide value-add services - Receive reimbursements for optional services enabled by your organization, including rush requests, record certification, and notaries.
  • Monetize payer audits - Collect all permissible fees for post-payment patient audits based on your contracted rate.

Captured savings

  • Reduce required training hours - Drastically reduce the required functions for release, and use our remote videos to train your team. Our secure-by-design solution and learning resources encourage best practice and compliant behavior.
  • Reduce or eliminate managerial oversight - We track and timestamp all activity between your staff and requestors on releases, enabling quick and easy internal audit and management.
  • Eliminate materials - Say goodbye to envelopes and trips to the post office- all requests may be released electronically.

Minimal time investment 

No installations or software rollouts are required for our customers! ChartRequest is a cloud-based service that takes 15 minutes for each of your staff members to learn.  We even enable instant sign up for new provider accounts here.