ChartRequest transforms release to four critical steps

Current Process

ChartRequest enables best-in-class service

  • Request turnaround takes minutes, not days - Electronic transmission and notifications enable seamless release of records between providers and requesting parties. Additional rush and other service options allow for superior compensation for better service. Win-win!
  • Releases are available 24/7, even when you're not - Secure, asynchronous notes replace time-consuming phone calls and voice messages.
  • Disclosures are easily accessible and never lost - No more lost requests, faxes or mail. ChartRequest tracks when, how, and to whom a chart release is disclosed. Users may quickly retrieve this information by using our search and auditing functions.


Save your staff's time

Automate pricing, invoicing, and release. ChartRequest eliminates burdensome steps from the information release process.

On average, providers save one-third of their time typically devoted to release of Information through these new efficencies. 

Reduce managerial overhead

Our solution tracks and time stamps all provider and requestor activity, enabling easy supervision and a streamlined release-of information search, audit and tracking process.


Data Integration

Electronically release both paper and electronic records

ChartRequest accepts records from 40+ electronic health records systems and works directly with some of the best EHRs and healthcare partners, including AdvancedMDathenahealth and Hello Health.