ChartRequest manages your compliance obligation.


Automate HIPAA-required account of disclosures - No more excel sheets! ChartRequest automatically logs all disclosures with authorizations so that you are ready for any release audits.

Secure Communications - No more disclosure risk over phone or email. ChartRequest offers secure instant messaging directly with requestors.

Minimize the risk of unauthorized disclosure - Say goodbye to accidental, unauthorized releases, misdirected faxes, and lost mail. ChartRequest electronically releases records to registered requestors only.

Simplify your internal audit process - ChartRequst generates activity logs for all requests. Check when and to whom health information was released for any request processed on the solution over the full life-span of your account, searchable at any time.

ChartRequest is secure and compliant by design

We built ChartRequest to manage protected health information. ChartRequest keeps your data safe each step of the way.

Step One

Records are encrypted and hosted on a private cloud based server.

Step Two

Each transmission occurs independently making sure that no wires cross, even inadvertently.


Step Three

Only requestors, who register and you authorize, can access files transmitted on ChartRequest.