We help doctors release information

 to providers, payers, patients, and third parties for

Continuation of Care

Continuity of Care 


Audits and Reporting

Sensitive Information

Chart Requests

ChartRequest Helps Provider Entities Reach Their Respective Goals



Large Provider Groups

Limit disclosure risk due to shared records and information systems access

Save resources and achieve workforce and training economies of scale 

Increase service and turnaround performance for referrals 


Track and respond to payer and state audits 

Same-day information exchange within and outside the post-acute care network

Increase collections and decrease A/R with auto-payments and faster claims adjudication


Single Practices

Allow for remote (at-home) records and release processing

Eliminate printing, trips to the post office, and burning of CDs

Quickly transmit information to referrals



Capture highly efficient new revenue streams

Automate all necessary release documentation for payer requests

Enable easy electronic release to labs and third parties

About the Company


ChartRequest is a part of MyHealth, an Atlanta-based healthcare information technology and services company. The ChartRequest platform helps providers release all records and charts to requestors electronically. We uniquely grow our company and technology solutions from the standpoint of the healthcare provider, and we automate compliance and monetize records releases for our customers in a way unlike any traditional release of information or copy service.  It is our absolute mission to eliminate chart requests from our providers' worry list, and it shows in everything we do.

Since 2012, ChartRequest has managed over 50,000 secure requests for patient health information on behalf of our providers.  The provider network using ChartRequest to exchange critical continuation of care documentation has grown to include over 500 provider entities including hospitals, large multi-state and specialty groups, as well as individual practices in over 30 states.